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Real estate related businesses are capital-intensive thus creating equity and subordinated debt investment opportunities to investors. Generation investor entities have traditionally been institutions, private investment companies, and high net worth individuals. Investors must qualify as an "Accredited Investor" under Securities and Exchange Commission Regulation D. Generation currently maintains a $100,000 US Minimum investment threshold per partnership.

The following is a list of investment characteristics and considerations for potential investors:                                             

Direct Real Estate Investment

    • Real estate markets are typically less efficient than capital markets
    • Little to negative correlation to traditional stocks and bonds
    • Typically an excellent inflation hedge
  • Changing regulatory environment often gives developed real estate values an upward bias
  • Geographic focus on areas with strong, growing economies
  • Management team characterized by skill and integrity
  • Extended stay lodging is a new product concept still in its growth phase where demand is estimated to exceed supply
  • Unit level economics are the best of any segment in the lodging industry
  • Lodging typically offers a higher risk, higher reward profile compared to other real estate categories
  • Proven Integrity in financial accounting and reporting
  • A consistent track record of investment performance and risk management


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